Rahel Fiona Juschka


Rahel Fiona Juschka


Language skills: german/ english/ french/ italian

​​Degree: diploma of the HfM "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin

​​Location: Berlin/ Germany


​​Willing to travel​


Special Talents:


  • Projects with children and adolecents in music, film and theatre-pedagogy
  • directing/ acting/ writing and singing in genres cinema and musical
  • organisation of events and productions​
  • composing for pop and musical

work as cutter


2010-today all Productions of mine


2010 June Cut of the documentory of an orphan house in Lituania


2010 March Cut of the „Carmen“staging in Magdeburg

for the director Kristina Wuss

2009 May Cut of the opera Poppea and a trailer for Nadja




Assistances/ Stage management



2007 Sep.- Okt. assistence at the KO- Project at the Hau1 theatre of Alvaro Schoeck „La revoltosa“


2007 Apr. Übertitelinspizienz bei der Diplominszenierung von Sibylle Polster „Xerxes“ im

Studiosaal der HfM


2006 Juli- Okt. Hauptassistenz bei der freien Uraufführungsproduktion

„Kommander Kobayashi“ unter der Regie von Sven Holm mit Gastspielen in

Warschau und Luxembourgh


2006 Januar- Februar Regiehospitanz an der Komischen Oper Berlin bei Sebastian

Baumgarten „Orest”


2005 Oktober- Dezember Regiehospitanz an der Staatsoper Unter den Linden bei

Dmitri Tscherniakow „Boris Godunow“


2005 Juni- September Regiehospitanz an der Hamburgischen Staatsoper bei Christian Pade

„Mathis der Maler“


2000 Praktikum in der Kostümabteilung der komischen Oper Berlin












dancing (couple dance/ modern)




2011 Oct. Diploma at the university of music and

arts HfM „Hanns Eisler“


2009 July certificate of speech training


2006 Oct. Start of studying at the university

„Hanns Eisler“ in Berlin


2005 A-level at the grammar school Droste

Hülshoff in Berlin Zehlendorf


2003 Attendance in a tutorial for rhetoric by

Gerhard Vesper with certified graduation




​2012 July Musical for kids "School trip to cockaigne" (Kronach Grundschule Berlin)


2012 March: Director in the TUSCH project of the German Opera with teenagers of the

Reformschule Charlotteburg in Podewil Berlin


2011 May World Premiere of her own musical „Bluebeard“ in holy-cross-church Berlin

Director/ Composer


2010 Dec. Staging of the Christmas Oratorio of J.S. Bach for children and adolescents

At paulus church Zehlendorf/ Berlin


2009 April staging of a world premiere of a chorus- play of Georg Katzer

„the fishman and his wife“

For the purpose of KO9 in Uni.T Berlin


2008 Oct. Staging of the jazz-opera „Trouble in Tahiti“ of Leonard Bernstein in the arena

Of Tempodrom in Berlin (predimploma)


2008 Feb. Staging of an own version of „Cosi fan tutte“ of Mozart in the studio of

HfM „Hanns Eisler“


2007 July staging of the first part of „Il Barbiere di Siviglia“

in the studio of HfM “Hanns Eisler”


2005 March staging of her theatre play

„Fragmental dreamreality“


Schriftstellerische Tätigkeit und Veröffentlichungen


2010-today scripts for 4Shorts/Things Happen/ Amnesty International


2010 Jan. Drehbuch Fertigstellung „Was ich träume gehört nur mir“


2008 Dez. Beendung eines psychologisierten Kinderbuches über „Drosselbart“


2007 Dez. Beendung eines Theaterstückes über Weihnachten „Familie Martens“


2005 Artikel über Maria Magdalena im Auftrag von Susanne von Braunmühl

(Studienleiterin in Hamburg) in der Zeitschrift Grundschule Religion



Work Experience



2013 July CEO of ChorusArt Productions


2012 Nov.-

Juni 2014 senior product manager at the

Dermalisse AG in Zurich


2012 Okt.-

July 2013 Creative director at the FJD

Information technologies in Munic


2012 Sept. start with an early music eduction at the

kindergarden of the Paulus

Kirchengemeinde in Berlin Steglitz


​2012 May-June teacher for music and theatreplay at the

primary school "am Insulaner" in Berlin


​2012 Jan.-Nov.2012 Management as CEO of the

TakeGate AG


2011 Aug. Start of the musical group at the Kronach

Primary School and the Grunewald Primary

school in Berlin


2008 Start as social worker at the youth

center Düppel Berlin


2008 April entered in the student parliament, and

voted in the special department for

women and foreigner at the university

HfM „Hanns Eisler“/ therewith entered

in the advisory committee​


2007- Feb.2010 Work as head of the video

tutorial at the HfM „Hanns Eisler“


2005 organ-performance at the long night of

museums in at Sankt Annen church in

Berlin Dahlem


2004 work in the library of the pedagogical

theological Institute Berlin


2003- 2005 Head and project direction of the

Gambia- Group an aid agency for a

preschool in Gambia with diverse

donation campains and Events


2003 Actress in a documentary from the

studio of cultures in Berlin and

moderation Of the film’s presentation

about the interreligious dialogue





2013 Dez. Release of "Wintertime" Christmas Hit of

Things Happen


2012 March: Start as leading singer of the band “Things



2010 Nov. Singer in a Deutsche Welle DVD- sing- recording

with „acappella Plenum“


2010 June Start in Songwriting and leading Singer for

Sophiegrafie GbR


2010 June Clara von Simson award presentation at the TU

Berlin Composition of the song „Einigkeit und




Film - directing/ cutting


2014 Dec. My Body my Rights short movie for Amnesty International


2014 Nov. Renn Ronny Renn short movie

Script: Arno Rude


2013 Dec. Musicvideo Wintertime "Things Happen"

2013 Aug.-

2014 March 4 Shorts a short series in four scenes about everyday life


2013 March promotinal film for curineo (

"curineo kinderleicht"

"curineo voll in"

"curineo für jung und alt" (München)

2013 Dec. Music clips for the band "Things Happen"

"Western Stories"


(film shooting on Boa Vista in Capo Verde/ Africa)


2012 June Promotional video for TakeGate AG

"How to use TakeGate"


2012 May Music clip for the band "Things Happen"

"Feeling right"


2011 Feb. Short film for and abot the "Staatsoper Unter den Linden" Berlin

"silent steps.opera!"


2010 June Short film "Clärchen-a natural scientist." (Clärchen eine


documentation about Clara of Simson with postpositioned scences/ Clara of Simson

award presentation at the TU Berlin


2010 April Short film

"Home is away" (Fort ist die Heimat)


2009 Nov. film director in the realization of the "Winter Journey" from the theatre director

Kristina Wuss as a peripheral work of culture n Schöneberg-Tempelhof in the

picknick house of the former airport


2009 Nov. Short film

"Scenes of a young woman's life" (Szenen aus dem Leben einer jungen Frau)


2009 April Demotape for Lars Redlich and Miriam Stahlke (a James Bond adaption)


2008 Feb./ March Film shooting of a Musical-film

"Bluebeard" (Blaubart) as a psychological adaption of Brother Grimms tale


2007 July-Aug. Film shooting of

"the children's truth" (Der Kinder Wahrheit)


2007 July movie prize "Bibelcuts" at the church-day in Köln with the movie

"alive" (Lebendig)


2007 March Short documetary portrait about Bollwood-Dance


2007 March Shot film

"Connection" 4 min.


2006 Dec. Short Movie

"I know things you don't" (Ich weiß etwas was du nicht weißt" 16min.

(world premiere at Spartakus in Potsdam)


Acting/ modeling



2013 Sep. Actress in the format Point 12 about food


2013 July Actress for Prosieben Taff


2011 Sep. Actress in the format exclusive at RTL about thieves at the airport


2011 Aug. Actress in the format Point 12 about “sale” in Germany


2011 July Actress on the fashion week in Berlin for RTL


2011 June Model in publicity for “lesezirkel”


2010 Dec. Actress in the format Point 12 at RTL about mistreated animals


2010 Nov. Actress in format Point12 bei RTL


2010 May Model for the coffee „coffEy“


2008 June Actress in the German premier of Claude Viviers „Kopernikus“

(opèra-rituel de mort) in Uni.T Berlin

Director: Tatjana Beyer


2007 June Actress/ Singer in the world’s premier of „Berlin Heartless“ of

Miriam Salevic and Roman Lemberg on the studio stage of „Volksbühne Berlin“


2007 Feb. Actress/ Singer in the Händelproduction in the Uni.T of the UdK Berlin

Director: Roman Lemberg


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